Saturday, October 1, 2011

Video Interlude: Things That Wouldn't Have Been

I wonder if the scientists and engineers that created the Internet really ever suspected it would provide a new outlet for creative people to be creative in the ways we are seeing now.  Thankfully, it did.  Whether by coincidence or rising demand, the digital film revolution happened alongside the growth of computer storage and connectivity.  All of this together has made becoming a competent amateur at all manner of things far easier than it was in the days when knowledge was less motile.  And for professionals and weekenders alike, the tools are getting ever cheaper.  So today I have a trio of videos that wouldn't have been nearly as easy to create a decade ago.  They are all very different from one another, and they are all very, very awesome.

First up we have "LOSSES", a short action film by the folks who do Revision 3's Film Riot show.  (Itself a source of knowledge for those interested in film making.)

Second, SanguinDrake's haunting "Brand New Truth".

And an upbeat note to take us out, "it tastes like heaven, but it looks like..." The Bacon Song.

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