Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bachelor Chow: Corp. Joe's Chicken

Today's experiment in turning a bunch of mostly pre-made ingredients into something greater than the sum of their parts went quite well. For future reference, I present Corporal Joe's Chicken.

  • Shake and bake chicken, hot and spicy style, prepared as nuggets (cooks faster that way too).
  • Veggie fried rice consisting of frozen "stir fry" vegetable medley of your choice, stir fried with a touch of ginger powder, adding cooked instant rice and a light amount of soy when the veggies are done.
  • Mix 50/50 soy sauce and hoisin sauce, heat for a couple of seconds in the microwave so they will blend, drizzle over chicken to taste. Optionally add red pepper flakes and onion flakes or chopped fresh green onions to better emulate Tso chicken's flavor.

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