Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bookworming: White Night and Small Favor

White Night, Jim Butcher, *****
Small Favor, Jim Butcher, ****
Still catching up with The Dresden Files, and they are still excellent. The great strength they have this far in, aside from Butcher's excellent writing, is the ability to derive much of their plot momentum from organizations and actors already established in the world of the series. Obviously that great strength would be a great weakness to anyone who tried to pick up the series nine-plus books in.

The buildup of a major shadow force in the setting continues. Harry's power level is creeping up again, as is probably necessary given the antagonists arrayed against him, but the urge to continually top the last outing is always a danger in genre series. So far the suspense remains mostly intact, again due to the strong world-building that has grounded Harry's motivations. Both are excellent entries in the series, and White Night gets the five star nod for resolving long-standing plot threads while having a well contained story itself.

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