Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bookworming: When Christians Get It Wrong

When Christians Get It Wrong, Adam Hamilton, ***
My church small group has now read several of Hamilton's books together, and I seem to detect a running theme of attempting to put Christianity into context. In this case, he explores reasons young adults are removing themselves from the church. The topics range from the fairly obvious (the church's response to homosexuals, friction between science and religion) to the deeply theological (dealing with other religions, the nature of evil). Obviously, as a Christian, I believe these are all discussions that should be undertaken, and Hamilton provides a good starting point for having them. If nothing else, it can highlight the differences between thinking Christians regarding some very practical current topics.

By its nature, it lacks the strong narrative path of his Bible-stories-in-historical-context works. This works for a discussion group where people can come and go, but does mean I connected with it less than the others of his I have read. As a Methodist reading the work of a Methodist preacher, not much in the book runs very counter to the way of thinking I am used to, so there was also perhaps less mental processing needed on my part. (The huge exception being the question of why Bad Things happen, which is one of the hardest ones in all of theology.) I suspect the book may be more challenging for Christians of a more conservative bent than me.

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