Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brightshadow Memos: The Phantom Anomoly

The condition of the Turkish F-4 shot down over Syria fits the general pattern of the Triangle Effect on the surface. However, we do not believe this is the entire explanation. Though the discrepancies in reported and actual flight paths and the disappearance of the crew follows the pattern of a Triangle incident, there are neither the lingering electromagnetic distortions nor methane traces which are usually found in such cases. We have received permission to acquire samples of the superstructure and cockpit seats of the plane as well as one of the remaining articles of clothing from the crew. Those are on the way, marked for material and energy signature analysis. Naturally, getting copies of the surveillance is proving more difficult. At least one officer on site has hinted that an "equipment malfunction" may have made acquiring the tapes pointless. We are attempting to find out whether this "malfunction" happened in flight or after the crash.

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