Sunday, September 23, 2012

Watching the Watchers: Global Warming

Global warming remains an issue that I don't much like to touch on because of how overly political it has become. At this point, the scientific consensus seems pretty well dominantly on the side of "it is happening", and that is pretty well good enough for me. It also changes nothing at all about industry and government. Still, every once in a while an article comes along that gets my attention. For instance this one from Rolling Stone. Yes, it is heavily political, hitting both the Obama administration and especially the fossil fuel industry hard. That isn't what caught my eye about it. Running numbers of the sort presented in the article shows what many have long suspected. Climate change is no longer something that can be prevented. The proverbial die has already been cast. So the question becomes more practical: what will  the consequences be? The scientific consensus appears to same something to that as well: everything so far has been worse than expected.

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