Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Great Games-are-Evil Debate

Violence in games is destroying our society, and now I believe I can firmly pinpoint the culprit. There is a game on the market that is so heinous no right-thinking person could possibly condone its existence, and yet it can be purchased at Wal-Mart and is often played openly in our schools. Like many of these offensive games, it is built around the idea of war. But it goes beyond what even today's popular military simulators do. This horrid game features destruction of property, advocates attacking religious people, and depicts different classes of people as being less capable than others. But most damning of all, the entirety of the conflict in this game is based solely upon race.

Clearly, as a first step in pursuing a more general ban on violent games, we must make an example of this destructive, racist, classist, anti-religious "game". We must unite to say no more.

BAN CHESS NOW, or face another five hundred years of declining civilization.

[The technique is known as reductio ad absurdum, and if they can use it then so can I.]

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