Friday, February 15, 2013

Brightshadow Memos: Deflection

We are happy to report another successful outcome. The energy impulse projections were spot on, and the deflection operation went without any major problems. Of course, as you have seen, there was one unintended wrinkle due to the composition of the asteroid, but no major damage occurred, and we will continue to develop the systems to allow the greater focus needed to prevent such fragmentation.

General media reports on the asteroid have followed the other "near miss" patterns we have seen, and though there was some note of the record-setting closeness, there was no call for alarm at any time. They also completely discounted the meteoric impact from the asteroid fragment as unrelated.

As for the rumor going around the local office about the fragment deliberately targeting Russia, I can assure you that story was just Vasily trying to get a rise out of some of the old-guard folks. We do not have that sort of fine control over the effects in any case. We will of course, continue to work on it.

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