Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bookworming: Seawitch

Seawitch, Kat Richardson, ***
After all those Dresden files novels, I went right into the latest in another "urban fantasy" series. Seawitch is the latest entry into the Greywalker series about a PI who's close call with death left her attuned to the Grey world of magic and the dead. You might think I am going to compare it with The Dresden Files, but the Greywalker series is actually much more akin to mystery novels in feel and pacing than Butcher's action-heavy series. Seawitch itself is a good book that never quite rises beyond that. The protagonist, coming off a completed story arc from previous novels, seems a bit too adrift in her own self-doubt. There are a few background happenings that are clearly setup for later, but have no tie into the story and thus seem little more than a distraction. While I don't think this is the best entry in the series, don't read too much into my criticism. This is a solid three star story and I think folks that enjoy mysteries flavored with the supernatural will have a fine time with it.

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