Friday, September 20, 2013

The Babylon Quotes Project

From Babylon 5 "Mind War" written by J. Michael Straczynski
  • "No one here is exactly what he appears."
  • "Why?" "Why not?" "That's not an answer." "Oh yes it is. It's simply not an answer you like or the answer you expected."
  • "... I am both terrified and reassured to know that there are still wonders in the universe, that we have not yet explained everything."

From Babylon 5 "The War Prayer" written by D. C. Fontana
  • "Do you regret the choices you have made, to be here?" "Sometimes. Only sometimes."
  • "Love! What does love have to do with marriage!"
  • "These are my three wives: pestilence, famine, and death. Do you think I married them for their personalities? Their personalities could shatter entire planets."
  • "...all sentient beings are best defined by their capacity and their need for love."
  • "My shoes are too tight, but it doesn't matter because I have forgotten how to dance."
  • "Human ways are often unfathomable, but in time one learns to live with them." "If one has an exceedingly strong constitution."

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