Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Babylon Quotes Project

From Babylon 5 "Ceremonies of Light and Dark" written by J. Michael Straczynski
  • "Prophecy is a poor guide for the future. You only understand it when the events are upon you."
  • "From the stars we came, to the stars we return, from now until the end of time."
  • "Only an idiot fights a war on two fronts. Only the heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots would fight a war on twelve fronts."
  • "I have gotten in the habit of recording important meetings. One never knows when an inconvenient truth will fall between the cracks and vanish."
  • "They are the key to my eventual rise to the throne! Why would I abandon them?" "Because I have asked you, and because your loyalty to our people should be greater than your ambition, and because I have poisoned your drink."
  • "What matters is everything up to that point, leaving behind the old, preparing to be reborn." "I've already been born once, and quite sufficiently I think."
  • "... you cling to the memory of your sacrifices, of all you have lost or left behind. They drag behind you like chains of your own making. They can have a terrible power over you Marcus, the power of grief, loss, and regret."
  • "I see they trained you well back home." "Yeah, well they said I was carrying around a lot of repressed anger." "And?" "I'm not repressed anymore."
  • "It's like I've always said, you can get more with a kind word and a two-by-four than you can with just a kind word."
  • "Always bet on stupidity."

From Babylon 5 "Sic Transit Vir" written by J. Michael Straczynski
  • "He said that you were capable of a quite enchanting, and well deserved, humility."
  • "I've often thought that when we are born we are given time in a multitude of tiny boxes so small that when we need them most they are nowhere to be found."
  • "Do you think I'm pretty?" "Oh, yes, deliriously, but I always associated delirium with fever, so there you are."
  • "If kisses could kill, that one would have flattened several small towns."
  • "You're not making any sense." "I imagine I'm not, but that's the kind of day I've been having."
  • "All I can say is that enthusiasm, sincerity, genuine compassion, and humor can carry you through any lack of prior experience with... high numerical value."
  • "Well, that covers effect, but I'm reasonably sure I'm no nearer cause than I was when I sat down."

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