Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Babylon Quotes Project

From Babylon 5 "Walkabout" written by J. Michael Straczynski
  • "It's a strange thing, but every sentient race has its own version of these Swedish meatballs. I suspect it's one of those great universal mysteries which will either never be explained, or which would drive you mad if you ever learned the truth."
  • "We are all Kosh." "Well, he's a Vorlon all right."
  • "Why is everything around here a long story? Why isn't anything ever a short story? A paragraph?"
  • "You spend your days and nights living someone else's agendas, fighting someone else's battles, and you're doing the work you're supposed to be doing, but every day there's less and less of you in it all, 'til one day, you come to a fork in the road, and because you're distracted, you're not thinking, you lose yourself. You go right and the rest of you, the really important part of you, goes left. And you don't even know you've done it 'til you realize, you finally realize, that you don't have any idea who you are when you're not doing all those things."
  • "Unfortunately, war doesn't tolerate ambiguities."
  • "My mom always told me to marry a doctor. I just could never find one with the right equipment."
  • "It's easy to fight when you have a lot of ships to work with. The real crunch comes when you're down to almost nothing. Then you either pay it safe and you probably lose it all or you take a chance."
  • "This time it is possible he could be wrong." "Yeah, it's possible, but you don't follow an order because you know for sure it's gonna work out. You do what you're told because your CO has the moral authority that says you may not come back, but the cause is just and fair and necessary."

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