Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Lunacy of Political Parties on Display

Once upon a time there was this article for Rolling Stone advocating a set of reforms that the author thought would help the economy. It was couched in populist language and specifically targeted at a young demographic. Political commentators from one party applauded, those from the other were outraged.

Then there was an article responding to the first one, also advocating a set of reforms for the economy. This one was written from the conservative point of view.  Again the party commentators broke down across their associated lines, but of course the applause/outrage was swapped.

All of this sounds pretty normal for our so-called political discourse, but the twist this time was the two articles are advocating the same set of reforms, just using different framing. And so we have a direct example of how the political system in this country has broken down into a pair of warring cliques.

It's the old Futurama clone candidates debate come to life, and I would find it incredibly depressing if we hadn't already been operating like this nigh on forever.

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