Saturday, January 4, 2014

The State of the Blog 2013

Wow was 2013 a fast year. Also a big one in my life, because after over a year and a half of commuting nearly 150 miles a day, I finally moved closer to work. I could probably come up with several lessons I learned during the commuting time that I could pass along, but the main one is this: don't do it if you can possibly avoid it. The cost in time and the effect on the body were both rough. I'm still climbing out of both of those holes.
As for the state of the 'blog, it remained anemic through 2013. The Babylon Quotes project started as a way of giving me an excuse to watch something comfortingly familiar as I adjusted to life in a new place, and it will continue through the remaining two seasons. However, I do have some hope that I will return to some level of writing actual things in 2014. If nothing else, I'd like to get back into the ever depressing habit of pointing out news stories that catch my attention. And since I have a few minutes, I should probably just get on that right now...

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