Saturday, January 4, 2014

Watching the Watchers: 2013

If I were to choose a biggest-story-of-the-year, it would probably be the Edward Snowdon/NSA saga. Turns out all the paranoid stuff people joke about the government watching us at Orwellian levels and beyond was actually true, and nobody was really surprised. There are many lessons to be learned here about the current state of our government (especially the espionage wings), politics, and people in general, just from reactions to the story alone. I don't know if it will result in any real reform, but I can hope.

Running a somewhat related close second was Congress managing to reach new lows in both effectiveness and popularity. And even so, the incumbency rate remains high. Is it public apathy? a mistaken belief that my guy isn't part of the problem? years of deliberate gerrymandering? manipulation by our corporate noble-class? The decision is yours, as is the vote...

Even the new Pope thinks the abortion debate has been overplayed. And his saying that "money must serve not rule" did not sit well with some commentators.

All told, 2013 was a very interesting year for politics and religion, less so to my tastes for business and technology. (Google glass? Meh, it's a solution in search of a problem. And Google explicitly forbids the one thing it would be most useful it for. I'd still rather have a good heads-up-display in my car. Preferably with Google maps and sat-nav.)

And now, onward into 2014!

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