Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Body Heat Powered Flashlight

It has been a long time since I saw something really cool come out of green tech. LED bulbs have reached the market and are quite nice, if still expensive. Solar improvements remain in the realm of research for the most part, but deployment continues around the world. And batteries... batteries still suck.

Luckily one high school student, in an attempt to help out a friend who did not have electricity, put together a thermoelectric flashlight powered by the body heat of the holder. It isn't bright, but if you are used to a world lit by fire, it doesn't need to be. Picture it, no batteries to recharge, replace, or rupture and kill the flashlight. Where the noxious chemicals would go, there is a hollow tube to let air in. When you hold it it's on, when you don't it's off. Physicists and engineers the world over should be face-palming for not having done this sooner. Ms. Makosinski, the inventor, is getting a patent on the design, and I hope it makes her some retirement money and a slightly brighter, slightly less battery-using world.

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