Monday, May 26, 2014

A Despairing Commentary on Computer Security

Everything is Broken by Quinn Norton tells the tail of why computer security seems quite impossible very well. As much as I love C, its time should have passed long ago. It's why I pull for languages like Go, Rust, and Dart to help manage some of the complexity. But it's not just the languages. If you want to write anything with a graphical interface that uses native widgets, you're stuck in a flavor of C. If you want high speed graphics, the libraries are all for a flavor of C. It's not just the systems we have created that need an overhaul, its the systems of tools we use to create those systems, and the systems that they are built upon. And all of that without mentioning the time or expense factor. So, yes, I agree that we have a long way to go, but I doubt I will be in the industry long enough to witness the sea change. And I'm certainly not in any position to help.

I'll also throw in The Internet is Burning by Jon Evans as a nice follow-up to Everything is Broken.

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