Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bookworming: Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising, Tom Clancy, ***
Back in the late 80s when this book came out, it was deemed a chillingly plausible scenario of how World War III might play out with the conventional weaponry of the era. Times have changed, I have grown up (a little), and now it's easy to see the Cold War bigotry, the fetishization of technology, and, as one might expect of military fiction of that day, its complete failure of the Bechdel test. Co-author Larry Bond, uncredited on the jacket, was best known at the time for his Harpoon naval warfare game. As such, the action is largely in the air and at sea. It is often called a techno-thriller for a reason: this is not a novel about people, it's a narrative look at the tools of war and the strategies used to employ them. The characters are mere names who's personal stories go from non-existent to wholly subservient to the grand sweep of the war, and pretty much nowhere else. Know what you are getting into with this book: it's military strategy fiction, all the way down.

With all that said... I love it. For better than 25 years it has remained one of my favorite "beach book" reads. It's a summer blockbuster of a novel, shot throughout with tension punctuated with action scenes. I am giving it three stars here because it will absolutely not be for everyone. For fans of speculative military fiction or grand strategy however, it's an easy one to recommend.

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