Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The State of the 'Blog 2014

Oh boy. I don't really consider 2014 a good year for the 'blog. Very little original content to begin with, and not much else period. My main shortage came from a continued disinterest in the news, which of course means I have nothing to say about the news. Green tech also remains slow, though a surprising amount has come to maturity, with LEDs leading the way, and solar slowly making in-roads, but still no replacement for batteries (supercapacitors are still slowly making progress), and little in the way of anything else that caught my attention.

In positive news, I did add the new "apocalyptical" tag, so we will see where I can go with that in the new year. Bookworming still seems a good fit, even if I'm the only one that uses it. Really, all I have to do is knock myself out of my malaise, and things could be off to the races again. Which begs the question of how to do that.

I have the capability now to record video games, and even live stream in low quality. I have the "pure fiction" tag just sitting there waiting to be populated with more RPG/gaming stuff. "Programming" remains my white whale of writing tasks, and one I should chase more often. So it's not like there is a shortage of stuff I could be writing. As always it remains a question of time and energy. 2014 left me with little of either to spare. Early signs for 2015 are not looking promising, so no promises.

As usual, if there is something from my categories you want to see more of, just ask and I'll see what I can do.

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