Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Watching the Watchers: Davos 2015

The World Economic Forum annual meeting has recently ended. It's always an interesting thing to watch, because it is essentially a networking meeting for a bunch of people who collectively represent a pretty staggering amount of money. I was happy to see that the ascendance of LED lighting got its due, but the reporting seems to be more on the negative side. It seems that in a world which recently learned the top 1% would soon hold 50% of the wealth, there might be some cause to worry about fallout from that discrepancy. So much so that rumors of hedge fund managers buying farms and airstrips in remote areas made the rounds.

OK, I'll admit it, I am mainly picked up on the stories because they had a nice mix of flavors fitting for these parts. As power brokers doing what they do, it earns the watchers tag, but there's a smidgen of green tech in there, seasoned with just a pinch of personal-apocalyptical paranoia.

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