Thursday, February 12, 2015

Bookworming: Ready Player One

Ready Player One, Ernest Cline, ***
This is a book that will mean the most to a particular audience. I happen to be in that audience, so keep that in mind as I go forward. Ready Player One is an adventure set in an online world in a distopian future. So the central plot is one sci-fi readers or anime watchers will have read/seen before. The characters are sympathetic, if cliched, and the villain as cliched as one could get. There is some surprisingly good writing and world building here, both inside and outside the virtual environment. What ultimately gives the book its flavor is the exhaustive use of geek/nerd culture from the late 70s through 80s. Games, computers, movies and TV, this is an unabashed nostalgia trip. For a certain age and type of person. Yes, I quite enjoyed it. But that was the world I formed in. So it's a solid recommend for fans of old video game (or old video game fans), folks looking for one another coming of age story, or young computer geeks looking for some of their forebearers' history.

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