Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ant Man Capsule Review

Ant Man turned out pretty funny. All the actors did good work, but the secondary cast really brought it and nearly stole the show more than once. It is very heavy on the continuity nods. Marvel movie junkies will want to see Avengers 2 before this one, and stay to the end of the credits, though there aren't any big surprises. On the Marvel Cinematic Universe scale, the tone is even sillier than Guardians, and the entertainment value for my tastes puts it firmly in the mid-range above 1st Thor  and Iron Man 2, but behind the big tent poles of Avengers and Cpt. America. I like that they took some time for the set up, because it feels like there was just the right amount of ant antics and big/small fighting without wearing out the gimmick. Yes, this is Marvel going very, very comic book with a movie, and still pulling it off.

A warning for the realism inclined: just don't even worry about it, the physics in this movie lives squarely in the realm of utter nonsense. Consider this your warm up for the future one about a magician. Assuming the talking tree and raccoon didn't already get you settled. Or the two starring a Norse god and his flying hammer. Or the... yeah, you get it.

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