Saturday, August 1, 2015

Very Different, Maybe Very the Same

Some time over the last several years, I have come to believe that the culture surrounding sports and sports fans is, in my mind, an echo of the culture found in politics and political ideology. And that in turn bears a close resemblance to the how a lot of religion is done in the U.S. these days. Stay with me here a minute, so I can provide an example:

Let us pretend that there exists a document which is actually made up of a series of documents written at different times. This document concerns a set of beliefs and laws. This document is very old and was originally written at a completely different time in history when society bore little to no resemblance to society today. At various times between now and when the document was written, committees of chosen experts decided what would and what would not be included in the document. Today there are, broadly speaking, two major factions of ideology among followers of the beliefs and laws in the document. One believes that the document is sacrosanct and simply following it will right the ills of society. The other says that while it is good for general guidance, it must be viewed as historical legacy and not all things in it apply today. Around the fringes of those groups are smaller groups who think the document is being used as a lever to keep certain people in power (or oppressed), or that the beliefs and laws described are failures and something better should be devised, and there are those who cite the document as a source of their beliefs when they clearly have no real knowledge of its contents or themes.

Now, am I describing the Bible or the Constitution?

Honestly, I'm really not sure how this makes me feel.

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