Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Extreme Green Looks Like

Rob Rhinehart, creator of "meal replacement" drink Soylent, has taken reducing his personal power consumption to extreme levels. This lifestyle sounds to me like something from an old science fiction novel. (He basically alludes to that himself when making a comparison to living in space colonies.) Really, this is yet more proof that the sci-fi future is here now, and real sustainability is already possible.

There are several choices he has made that I would not, but I have to admit, if I could find a consistent, nutritious source of pre-made food that would eliminate cooking from my life without drowning me in sodium, I would be all over that. I do require it be recognizable as food and not a series of combined powders, but that's just because I'm not an early adopter. (And I've had quite enough digestive related health issues in my life already, thank you very much.)

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