Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bookworming: In the Dust of This Planet

In the Dust of This Planet, Eugene Thacker, *
I came to this book via the Radio Lab episode and the True Detective season 1 influence. As such, it may have been built up a bit too much. It is, in my reading, basically a series of similarly themed essays on the subject of a nihilist perspective of horror that goes beyond the human-centered viewpoint. I say "in my reading", because there will undoubtedly be other readings. This is an academic work couched in overly academic styles and verbiage that might make H. P. Lovecraft ask Thacker to dial it back some. It is a good one to read on an e-reader or tablet with word look up available. While the topic may be an interesting one, this is not a book for general audiences. Even horror fans may not find what they are looking here. Scholars of horror or philosophy, perhaps. In his RadioLab interview Thacker jokes about writing books for no one. I'm afraid that in spite of the book's appearance in pop culture, that joke is fairly accurate for most potential readers.

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