Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bookworming: Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition, William Gibson, *****
I love a good turn of a phrase, and for my money Gibson is right up there with Douglas Adams in mastery of that art. As a consequence, Gibson novels are not easy reading, and having the internet handy to look up the occasional word would not go amiss. The pace here is even slower than usual for his books, with the central plot circling around a search and the mysteries that crop up because of that search.

That said, Gibson remains a favorite author, and this is my favorite book of his. This review actually comes after my third reading, and I love it now as much as before. It is also possibly his most accessible, keeping to a single, memorable point of view character. And while I put this on the sci-fi shelf, it is very grounded in the essentially-now. If a somewhat languid pace and some complex language aren't going to bother you, then give this one a try. I find it well worth it, and the observational details are second to none.

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