Saturday, January 30, 2016

Myths Born in Dark Places

The tales say God is missing, driven from Heaven by an onslaught of demons. The angels fight a desperate holding action against the armies of Satan and an even more powerful evil. An evil, who's name you probably already know, stalking children in the darkness. Spirits provide guidance, the mysterious Blue Lady provides aid, and both sides are fed by your own thoughts and actions.

This isn't another Supernatural-like genre TV show (though there certainly several cropping up right now, aren't there). It isn't another urban-fantasy novel series. These are the secret stories of young homeless children in Miami, circa 1997. The story gained new life on the Internet via reddit (of course) a few years ago, and I must admit it's a pretty compelling framework. Culturally apropos, interesting folklore, and a narrative that binds disparate people together. That's what myths are, and this is clearly an example of what they provide. Once again we see the power of verbal storytelling and personal connections.

Perhaps this can also help illuminate the strain the current world puts on the narrative of mainstream Christianity. But that's another subject for another time.

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