Monday, February 29, 2016

They Live, Always

I have mentioned the cult classic John Carpenter movie "They Live" before. Its imagery skewering the excess and subtly undermining control of the capitalist ideal has gained new life on the Internet, as so many such things have. Right now, in a magnificent example of if-the-shoe-fits, artwork casting current Republican front-runner-for-President Donald Trump as one of the iconic aliens is making the rounds. But that's not the most terrifying reference to the movie this week.

Workmen guarded by police entered a camp of migrants moved in to remove empty shelters. At least that's the government side of the story. Others contend there is not enough housing. In either case, as many as a thousand people will be relocated as a result. Matt Novak of Gawker superimposed screen captures of "They Live" with real-life shots from the camp. (There's also the obligatory reference to "Children of Men".), producing a rather chilling angle on the society we have become. Or, perhaps, the society we always have been. As Carpenter himself said, "The eighties never ended. They are still here, making more money than ever, they are still among us."

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