Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rambling Thoughts on a Post that I'm Not Going to Make

I want to post a thought I just had:
"Not enough time. Not enough sleep. Feedback loop."

Feels perfectly formulated for Twitter. But Twitter is where I go to put more disengaged things. I try at write things there that could, at least theoretically be of interest to others. It's my squeaking-into-the-void social media outlet. And that thought is a very on-the-nose personal one right now. That's why I had it in the first place.

I could put it on Facebook, but that's seen by my parents, pastors, and random-[donkey] people I knew in high school. It feels a little glib for that venue, but at the same time a little too accurate. I don't want to look like I'm fishing for sympathy, I just want that thought out of my head so I can move on. I suppose this is why some people keep a journal. I've tried that, and I'm bad at it. (Though I do it reasonably well for work.) It points out the sameness of my day-to-day life, which is boring to write about. A sameness I would point out, that I have worked very hard to provide myself.

No doubt sleep is on my mind because earlier this afternoon I set some clocks ahead for tonight's time change. Also because of a study that reported six hours of sleep being, in the long run, almost like not sleeping at all. I'm a person that needs a good amount of sleep, but it's hard to know just how much anymore. I haven't been left to my own devices to set a sleep schedule since I started working. And I haven't consistently gotten more than six hours of sleep a night in the better part of two decades. I'm old enough now to feel it. There are good and bad things about that.

It looks like I won't be posting that little thought to my more widely seen outlets. Instead, it wound up here. Hidden in a public place. With far more justification than it probably deserves.

Now you must excuse me. I have a few more things to do today, and I'm running short on time.

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