Thursday, November 10, 2016

On the 2016 Presidential Election

I've thought quite a bit about how to express my feelings regarding the election. I've thought about not expressing them too. Given the dynamics, and me being a straight, white, middle class, desk-job-holding man, both choices are liable to offend. So I'll just do what I do and make a couple of observations.

First, there is a phrase often cited in stories about hiring practices for programming jobs: "the candidate is qualified but not a cultural fit for us." It seems to me there are some interesting parallels in those examinations of the tech industry and the way the election played out.

Second, we have all endured a protracted campaign of lies, propaganda, opportunism, and heavy-handed political machinations on clear display. There are no more smoke filled back rooms, the smoke is all out in the open, and we are choking on it.

Third, the consequences of using fear and hatred as tools are both lessons from history and a common way to identify a bad guy in popular culture. But that doesn't mean they aren't tempting. And it certainly doesn't mean they aren't effective.

Finally, there have been many illusions shattered over the past couple of days, and many illusions reinforced. Trying to figure out which one is which can tell you much about yourself.

For those that read this far, thank you for your time. I wish you well in all things. I wish I had some better answers. Instead I'm going to go back to stressing about work deadlines that always seem too close, wishing I was playing games instead of adulting, and daydreaming about spaceships.

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