Saturday, November 26, 2016

State of the 'Blog 2016

Another year's end comes rushing toward us. My blog output continues to shrink year-over-year, and the content itself would make it appear to have turned into a book review site. The demands of work and life continue to constrict my output for several reasons. The state of the news has made it either uninteresting or depressing to try and pluck out things of interest. It's not that they aren't still there, it's just that I spend less and less active attention on it. The same is true of programming and amateur art, in spite of my best intentions. The relative ease of social media, and the corresponding lack of interoperability, absorbs many of the quick-link posts that I used to store here. Even the book reviews are more accessible over on Goodreads. And yet, I remain as unwilling to give up this spot as I am to put more work into it. And without me paying much attention I have surpassed the 1000 post mark. I do not really see things changing much next year, but you never see the big changes coming, so who knows. Safe journeys until we meet again.

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