Sunday, January 8, 2017

The U.S. of Death Race 2050

The red band trailer (nsfw) for the new Rodger Corman movie Death Race 2050 has some wonderfully over the top hints at the state of the U.S. in it's twisted timeline. For starters, it's now known as the United Corporations of America and the stars on the flag have been replaced with dollar signs. The east coast is Onepercentia, the south Pharmatopia, the rust belt Upper Carcinogena, the southern border is Gasarcana and El Avion, The upper midwest is the Call Center Territories and Caucasia, the desert is the AmaZone. And the west coast is split into the Digital Zone and Guugleplex. Smaller annotations on the map (cities?) include Zukerville, Data Mines, General Utilities, Merchandiseland, Deadtroit, and New Jerusalem.

It's a nice reminder that not every dystopia in entertainment is a dark and serious thing, they have a long history of being campy too. And the most ironic apocalypses are the ones we make for ourselves.

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