Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Letter of the Law

[Warning, this post contains both political and religious satire. You have been warned.]

Advisor: I would like to bring up some concerns over our branding efforts. Our stance on strong Christian values helped us achieve our current success, but some of the details seem out of alignment.
Leader: Oh? What is it that has you worried?
Advisor: Several of these values seem to run contrary to our actions. For instance, have you seen this bit about the rich and the well fed having already received their reward.
Leader: Of course, it's rather key. Very popular among the demographic.
Advisor: Do you not find the themes of sacrifice and universal caring somewhat contrary to our mission?
Leader: No, not at all. You see here, it says blessed are the poor.
Advisor: I do not understand, we are not poor.
Leader: Of course not! For as the values say, we must serve our fellow man! We want as many blessed people as possible. Thus we gather the riches to ourselves that we might aid the majority to be blessed. It is a sacrifice on our part, but it is our calling.

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