Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The iPhone Healthcare Comparison

Congressman Jason Chaffetz recently stepped in a hornets' nest by implying the people should maybe not buy luxury smartphones and invest in their own healthcare instead. His statement was remarkably out of touch, and has been dismantled by the media (and social media), but there is something that I think has been missed. Here's my question: should a poor person buy a smartphone?

The view of the smartphone as a luxury add-on, convenient but not necessary, reminds me of The Innovator's Dilemma in business. It's old-way thinking. A different perspective, where the smartphone replaces instead of supplementing, may change the economics considerably. A mid-range smartphone and a reasonable data plan means you don't have to buy a computer, landline service, and internet service. (Also sat nav, still and video cameras, alarm clocks, etc.) It seems to me like a poor person should at least run the numbers, because they might just be better off with the smartphone.

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