Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bookworming: Vision of the Future

Vision of the Future, Timothy Zhan, **
This volume concludes the story started in Spectre of the Past. Like the rest of the Zhan Star Wars books, I find it doesn't hold up as well as I remembered, and I didn't particularly remember this one  fondly to begin with. My primary issue with it is not having read the other "Extended Universe" books.  Future is steeped in the characters and events of those other books (and sets up what is apparently one of the most hated arcs in that loose series). As with its predecessor, it is more star diplomacy than Star Wars, and spread too thin between characters and through-lines. I suspect fans of the Star Wars novels might have a different opinion from mine, but this one is for them anyway.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Kickstarter Became a Public Benefit Corporation

I had no idea such a thing as a Public Benefit Corporation existed in the U.S., but it does, and Kickstarter became one. Interesting stuff.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Quote of the Moment

Many years ago I listened to Rush Limbaugh regularly. I picked up on quite a few tricks. One of them was to be vague enough to allow countering of attacks using quotations as out of context. So I'm putting this note before the actual quote, because after several readings, I conclude that it is virtually impossible to determine what the subject of the indirect object "them" is in the following quotation. The most grammatically close definite object would have it referring to "the media", or "the Democrats", but it could also be referring to "the Republicans". In case anyone thinks I am making up the vague accusation, there is a paragraph that begins "They're a monopoly. It's amazing. They lost their monopoly, it will be 30 years ago...", so there you go. Anyway, on with the quote.

"But as I said last week, there's no desire to find any mutual common ground, because there isn't any, so it's senseless to seek compromise with them or reach across the aisle, show that we can compromise and govern together. In fact, that's all a bunch of garbage." - Rush Limbaugh, "LA Times Laments Loss of Liberal Media Monopoly", April 10, 2017